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Whether you are serving rural or metropolitan areas, vaccine administration is a profitable venture. Vaccine administration should be a foundation service provided in every independent pharmacy.

Helping your patients manage ever-present medical risks.

Vaccine administration is a needed service for patients all over the country. Pneumonia, Influenza, COVID-19, Hep B and exposure vaccines are routinely paid by medical benefit payers.

PRA can assist you in obtaining higher profits through medical billing.

Since medical benefit plans pay vaccine and administration fees, you will yield a higher reimbursement than that paid by the prescription drug plans—which generally decline payment for administration fees.

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We started with Physician Revenue Associates in 2014 after 2 failed attempts with other companies. Mary and her team quickly exceeded our expectations and have continued to do so ever since!

Mark Hastings
Manager, ImpactMedi

Mary, and the Physician Revenue Associates team, are very knowledgeable about all things pharmacy and medical billing and can walk you though every step of the way, from start to finish!

Teri Anders
Owner, Rock Creek Ph

Working with Mary and the Professional Staff at Physician Revenue Associates is easily one of the best business decisions we have ever made… You won’t regret signing on with Physician Revenue Associates.

Kirk Dripps
Manager, Benton Pharmacy

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